Luff Achieves SKF Equipped Status

Luff Industries is pleased to announce the strategic partnership with SKF and the introduction of the SKF Equipped program in 2018. Luff is the first OEM in North America to achieve SKF Equipped status.

Luff Industries and SKF both take pride in providing high quality products and are continually looking to improve their products to exceed customer expectations and out perform the competition.  After extensive testing of the SKF bearings in Luff Industries’ full range of Idlers, there was no question that integrating SKF bearings would provide an unbeatable level of quality.

Conveyors often operate in harsh conditions, creating extreme demands on the rotating elements of the conveyor design, including idlers. As the pressure on operators to increase uptime and reliability of their equipment grows, as does the need for longer lasting, dependable components. In applications that put stress on conveyor components, bearing contamination and failure is very often the culprit of increased maintenance and downtime costs.

SKF Ball Bearings are greased for life with an improved seal to help reduce maintenance costs. The new design runs quieter, faster, longer and requires less energy, improving efficiency and decreasing operating costs. SKF Bearings have been rigorously tested and will double the L10 life when compared to other competitor’s bearings. Combining the SKF bearings with Luff Industries’ high quality rollers and patented end cap design offers customer’s unmatched performance, achieving longer service life and reducing the total cost of ownership.

Integrating the SKF Equipped program into Luff’s manufacturing facility ensures it is delivering the highest quality product in the industry.

If you have any questions about the SKF Equipped program or would like more information please contact your sales rep today!


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