Reducing Costs with Luff’s Anti-Lock Shield Solution

Across a variety of industries and applications, one common conveyor problem that is consistently mentioned is rollers jamming. Material spillage is inevitable in most industrial conveyor applications and it is difficult to avoid. However, when material spills over the side of the belt, it may get jammed in between the roller and frame, stopping the roller from spinning and over time this can damage the belt and the rollers.

The recycling industry has a unique product that causes major problems and headaches among maintenance people. Most would think that the VHS tape is not relevant anymore with advances in technology, however people that work in the recycling industry will tell you differently. There is a large amount of VHS tape all over the recycling plants and it ends up everywhere, including wrapped around conveyor rolls. With time the tape wrapped around the frame and the end of the shaft may cause the roller to jam and stop running. When a roller stops spinning the belt can wear a hole in the shell, causing sharp edges that will ultimately damage and cut the belt.

Return Roller with spillage Idler with material spillage

Anti-Lock Shield (SAL)

Luff Industries’ solution to this problem, the Anti-lock Shield (SAL). This durable polymer shield is press fit onto the shaft and seats inside the endcap, remaining stationary as the roller rotates around it. This creates a fixed end, so if material were to become jammed between the SAL and the frame, the rest of the roller would continue to spin. This solution will work with hard material such as rocks, as well as wet material such as sludge.

Anti-lock Shield End cap

As you can see from the images above, there is a lot of debris and material spillage that gets wrapped around the shaft of the rollers. It is clear that without an Anti-lock Shield these rollers would end up getting jammed quite often, causing costly downtime and excessive replacement costs of not only the rollers but also any damaged belts.

Luff Industries has worked with world-renowned waste and recycling company, Industries Machinex for more than 10 years and currently provides rollers equipped with the SAL to help solve this specific problem. Machinex is an industry leader in engineering, manufacturing and installing material recovery facilities and is an expert in sorting technologies. By incorporating the SAL into their system conveyors, Machinex has been able to provide a distinctive solution to its customers that not only prevents the tape from causing issues but several other recyclable items such as wood, bricks, drywall and trees as well.

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